Our Team

Dave Ricci

A lifelong Rhode Islander and history teacher for the past 12 years, Dave’s sophisticated understanding of the state’s history as well as what makes it special today has proven to be a great asset to Eleven’s design approach, including throughout the conceptualization of Above RI. Dave’s political experience has moved him to connect with folks from across the state, helping to foster relationships and develop nuanced perspectives that will serve any project well. 

Chris Ricci

Chris has worked on feature film sets in a variety of roles and has vast experience all things film-related including animation, CGI, and editing. He is also the company’s drone pilot, having produced the footage for Above RI, a video highlighting our state’s unparalleled beauty that recently aired on RI PBS as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.

Beth Ricci

Beth’s expertise is an essential component to Eleven’s success. Aside from her skills in PR, grant writing, and copywriting, she is also a classically trained pianist and is the brains behind Eleven’s audio production. In addition to capturing, mixing, and mastering whatever audio a project calls for, she has a growing role composing original musical pieces for commercial use.

Nick Charello

Nick is Eleven’s chief photographer and cinematographer, and he has an eye for things others don’t see—to say nothing of his exceptional technical skill and agility. With more than a decade of experience behind the camera, he has also worked on feature film sets, in the editing room, and, of course, as a professional photographer, capturing some of the state’s most picturesque qualities. Nick has extensive post-production experience and worked as the finishing and special effects editor of Above RI and The Craft.